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Who wouldn’t want to practice their English in a relaxed atmosphere but just can’t find a place to do this? Join our English conversation workshops and you will see that practice makes perfect.

In recent conversation workshops I’ve found out how easy it is for people to get involved in conversation on almost every subject. We start with some short introduction saying a little bit about ourselves, find some common ground and start to talk about what interests us. It can be about sport, food, culture, cinema, travelling – the list is endless as is the art of conversation. Group members come from all sorts of backgrounds and don’t worry, it’s not academic! Just take the plunge and talk about what interests you. People who join us find themselves laughing, joking and keen to return the next week. A good subject can really make people animated and passionate about their feelings and opinions. It’s just like being amongst friends.

How does this help you? Why join us?

Well, the more you talk, the more relaxed you are and with a group under providing direction, correction and explanation when required along the way, it won’t be long before you find your English improving and you’ll soon realize that you can converse more fluently and look forward to going to all those English speaking countries you are planning to work or live in for a while or go for that long overdue holiday.

By Mark Waite

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